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We all have The Cinderella Syndrome; that desire to wrap our hands around a glass slipper and see where the journey takes us. It can't be helped! We are suckers for a great pair of shoes! Join Anna Kelley as she becomes a lifetime member of The Slipper Club and goes back in time to erase her biggest regret. Follow her as fate drops her off to browse through time and rewrite her future. Who knew a glass slipper could really change your life? What's your biggest regret? Play with destiny and journey to all those places you only hoped you could visit again.
A Girl's Gotta Do...

ISBN10: 0595418406 | ISBN13: 9780595418404

Five modern-day romantic tales! In "Something Old, Something New, Something Red," airline stewardess Nicki LeFlore will not stand, nor fly, for her broken engagement. Maybe the love of her life just needed a dose of an old Southern recipe from Aunt Martha to overcome his lapse in sanity!

"We Interrupt This Marriage" makes Callie Ann Dickerson overdose on fresh fruit facials in hopes of ridding her mind of the holiday customer that keeps stealing her heart one smoothie at a time.

Poppy Vanlandingham had no intention of ever wearing a glass slipper again or riding away in a carriage; she just wanted the plumbing fixed! "The Firing of Prince Charming" was the only thing she could do to prove her independence, despite the overflowing tub!

"The Second Wife" tugs at your heart-strings when Beth Nichols summons the only man she ever loved after a decade of waiting. Can she have the fairy tale ending she waited for? Or does true love really not have an ending?

In "The Tuesday Affair," Dr. Miranda Keeling has begun to have a new perspective on that day of the week commonly known as Tuesday. After meeting every Tuesday with her best friend, Miranda realizes what he already knew! They were more than friends! Is she too late? Is there a prescription to get her to admit the 'L' word?

When it comes to matters of the heart it all depends on what "A Girl's Gotta Do..."

The Slipper Club

ISBN10: 0595390617 | ISBN13: 9780595390618

The Mist of Mineral Springs:
A Madison, North Carolina NovelĀ 

ISBN10: 0595316298 | ISBN13: 9780595316298

Giving away her heart came with a price. Giving away her soul led her through "The Mist of Mineral Springs." A charming, Southern tale of a woman who captivates the heart of a man, and embarks upon a timeless romance that transcends the barrier between life and death. Looking through The Mist, she learns to love. Standing in The Mist, she learns to laugh, but walking away from The Mist, means she would no longer dance with the ghost to whom she gave her soul. It was somewhere out there, somewhere in "The Mist of Mineral Springs."

The Hat Box

ISBN10: 0595275745 | ISBN13: 9780595275748

Lillian Cage is happily watching as her life passes before her; planning a wedding, making a name for herself in the world of antiques and being content with the path she has chosen. All was fine in southern South Carolina until a handsome man inquires about a painting. Just a painting. Another day at the gallery. But another day turns into a lifetime of love left behind, an attic full of tear-stained letters and a heart-wrenching struggle of a woman torn between her husband and the one who walked away with her soul.